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Timing is Everything

One of the primary mechanisms by which sulforaphane and other isothiocyanates exert their many beneficial effects on the body is through activation of nuclear erythroid-2-p45-related factor-2, or Nrf2, the master regulator of cellular defenses that protect against oxidative stress due

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Profiles in Chemoprotection: Part II

Albena Dinkova-Kostova, PhD

Before Albena Dinkova-Kostova, Ph.D. trained to become a scientist, she trained as a seamstress.

She was 16 years old and living in Ruse, a large cosmopolitan city located on the south bank of the Danube River in

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Lewis B. Cullman, Generous Patron and Friend, Dies at 100

Lewis B. Cullman (1919 – 2019)

The Cullman Chemoprotection Center’s longtime patron, Lewis B. Cullman, has passed away at the age of 100.

Lewis and his wife Dorothy (now deceased) were extraordinarily generous patrons of the fine arts, the humanities,

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The Passing of a Scientific Giant

Very sad news: This past Sunday, a pioneer in the field of chemoprevention (protection against chronic disease) passed away on March 10th, at the age of 95.  Paul Talalay, M.D. was the founding director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center.  He

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Chemoprotection News

Our Latest News 

Moringa and the Cullman Center’s Dr. Jed Fahey are featured in this video from ATTN*, which has had more than 3 million views! Click on the image below to view.

*ATTN: is a relatively new media company

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December Newsletter Now Available

Our latest Newsletter is now out. Among the news, updates, and research you’ll read about:

  • Our latest autism research
  • How we’re using two generous grants to help the Cullman Center grow
  • An exciting new article from our friend Dr. Rhonda
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Two new papers on broccoli sprouts and prevention

Rodent models of a variety of conditions are widely used in biological research and are invaluable proxies for studying fatal or otherwise devastating diseases of humans that one would not study in an interventional manner (e.g. testing various early phase

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Cum să găsești cele mai bune videoclipuri porno VR

Dacă sunteți în VR, este posibil să vă fi luat în considerare descărcarea unora dintre videoclipurile porno disponibile online.


Tehnologia de realitate virtuală (VR) vă permite să vizionați videoclipuri la 360 de grade, dar unora dintre spectatori încă nu

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More Exciting Clinical Work on Broccoli Sprouts and Inflammation

Reducing inflammation may improve the health of overweight people by reducing inflammation and thus reducing the multitude of side-effects that go along with that inflammation. Incorporating broccoli sprouts or supplements rich in their biologically active phytochemicals into a regular diet

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Donate Your Hair for Cancer Patients

Many people have heard about Locks of Love, the nonprofit organization that provides hairpieces to children who have long-term medical hair loss.  There is also a program that provides free real hair wigs to women who experience hair loss during

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Exciting updates on Moringa (the Drumstick Tree)

The Cullman Chemoprotection Center at Johns Hopkins University, in a long-term partnership with an international team led from Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and the International Moringa Germplasm Collection), has collaborated to publish a pair of studies in the

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يحتوي كل من هاري بوتر والبجعة السوداء على حلقات أفلام إباحية

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Ce sunt produsele porno?

Pentru a intelege ce inseamna porno, trebuie sa fii familiarizat cu cuvantul pornografie.

In acest caz, nu vorbesc despre materialele pornografice care sunt vazute in reviste si ziare, ci despre materialele pornografice reale care sunt produse. Materialele pornografice nu se

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أين يمكنني العثور على مقاطع الفيديو الإباحية؟

عندما يتم ذكر مصطلح “إباحية” ، يفكر معظم الناس في الأفلام الإباحية. ومع ذلك ، هناك فرق بين المواد الإباحية وأفلام البالغين. الأفلام الإباحية أو أفلام الكبار أو ببساطة xnxx التي تقدم موضوعًا جنسيًا مثيرًا لإثارة وإثارة الجمهور. تحتوي الأفلام

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“Indirect Antioxidant” Defined

Over the years many people have asked what we mean when we call sulforaphane an “indirect antioxidant”.  We have just posted a FAQ entry that we hope helps to answer that question.  Here is our answer:

Q:  You and others

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Cum să te protejezi de pornografia blamată

Pornografia a fost mult timp asociată cu violența sexuală, dar cercetările recente au evidențiat pericolele vizionarii videoclipurilor porno.


Vizionarea videoclipurilor porno poate duce la o serie de probleme sexuale grave, inclusiv ITS, HIV și carcinom hepatocelular. Pornografia este o

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اختيار إنتاج الفيديو المناسب للبالغين

في اليابان ، xnxx (Jap: Japanese: Anime) هي نوع مميز من أفلام البالغين تختلف بشكل مميز عن أفلام Pink من ناحية و “V-camera” أو أشرطة الفيديو الأصلية (OVA) من ناحية أخرى. في أفلام الكبار ، تمارس النساء الجماع والمداعبة ،

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Another reason to eat your broccoli

Type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common worldwide, and not all patients can be successfully treated with the existing drugs. We have just co-authored a publication with a leading Swedish research team at the University of Gothenburg and Lund University.  

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