Monthly Archives: June 2016

Broccoli sprout extract may protect against oral cancer recurrence.

A paper on which we collaborated was just published today in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. Doses of broccoli sprout extract were provided to healthy volunteers in order to assess the bioavailability of sulforaphane from those broccoli sprouts to the oral epithelium, and the ability of sulforaphane to trigger the signalling of protective responses in those cells. The paper’s… Read more »

Is the vitamin and phytochemical content of fruit declining?

Graduate student Eleanore Alexander, and the Chemoprotection Center’s Dr. Fahey recently were invited to prepare a commentary on current fruit breeding practices. In it, they suggest that “To reverse the trend of decreasing vitamin and phytochemical content, consumers must demand fruits and vegetables that come from farms using better practices that result in higher nutrient… Read more »